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Privacy policy

Privacy Policy © SeeTheStats 2009-2018, All rights reserved.


sts_barsIn order to access some parts of SeeTheStats site, the user is required to complete a registration form. Therefore, registration form requires a user to give us contact information (your email address).


sts_barsSeeTheStats cares about privacy of its users, therefore SeeTheStats will not sell your details or share it with any third parties. Though SeeTheStats may share aggregate demographic and other general information with its advertisers and partners, it will never include data identifying your personality.


sts_barsPublishing the user's webstats on SeeTheStats is tantamount to consenting to making the webstats available to other users of SeeTheStats website.


sts_barsSeeTheStats does send emails to its users when it is needed. SeeTheStats will not give your email address to others to send you mail.


sts_barsThe SeeTheStats site may use cookies to track the length of time you spend on the site, or to store frequently used user information to personalize your online experience. A cookie is a small file placed by a web site on your computer's hard drive. This file has no information about you personally, but identifies your computer when you return to our site. A cookie placed by a particular web site can be accessed by that same web site, and contains only information volunteered by the user, such as your name or company name, or an innocuous user identification number or domain address. You can disable the cookie settings on your Internet browser although this is likely to impair your ability to view our site.


sts_barsSeeTheStats uses your IP address to help diagnose problems with our server and for administrative purposes of SeeTheStats


sts_barsAs no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure, we cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information you transmit to us and you transfer the data at your own risk.


sts_barsAll of services operated by SeeTheStats are governed by the Terms and Conditions of our site. If you choose to publish your email address, web site statistics or other personal data, you do so at your own risk.


sts_barsA user has a right to inspect their data provided during registration process and to correcting them and a right to demand that data storing and processing be stopped immediately by SeeTheStats. Making a demand to remove registration data will result in removing them from databases and a user's account will be deleted. In such a case further statistics presentation is impossible and requires another registration. Making a demand to stop data storing and processing immediately by SeeTheStats a user accepts a fact of immediate ceasing presenting the webstats of their website and they accepts all the consequences resulting from such an action and takes all the responsibility for it.


sts_barsSeeTheStats reserves the right to modify the Privacy Policy at any time. Any such revision will be binding and effective immediately on posting of notification of such changes on the SeeTheStats site. The modifications cannot concern applying regulations allowing the third party to have access to any information concerning registration data or other confidential user data, excluding data which are put on the website by the user and made public to other users of SeeTheStats website (stats of visits).


sts_barsCurrent Privacy Policy and the terms of use apply to every user of the SeeTheStats website.