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Date range:  2019-02-23 to 2019-03-24

Sessions by Mobile Device Model (Top 20)

Mobile Device ModelSessions
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Sessions by Page title (Top 20)

Page titleSessions
Beauty Mark - Home29
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Beauty Mark - Login/Register6
Beauty Mark - Checkout5
Beauty Mark - Product details5
Beauty Mark - My Account3
Beauty Mark - Shop3
Beauty Mark - My Wishlist2
Beauty Mark - Contact Us1
Beauty Mark - My Cart0

Users: 31

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Sessions by Device Category (Top 20)

Device CategorySessions
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Sessions by Network location (Top 20)

Network locationSessions
umniah lil-hawatef al-mutanaqelah co.41
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adsl 77.245.118
zain data-jordan2
adsl 77.245.121
charter communications inc1
facebook ireland ltd1

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